Other support groups

Are there any other support groups that i can speak to someone one to one? Im really struggling because im doing all of this on my own and i need a person, i need someone to talk me through this pain

I contact the samaritans by email and occasionally by telephone. The thing is you do not have to go on awaiting list like the ones I know otherwise.

So sorry to hear you are trying to cope alone, grief is a very lonely journey but it’s good that you are reaching out for help. Try Cruse I have heard they are very good or see if there is a local bereavement group near you. The other option is a counsellor or have you got a friend you could call?
The other thing you can do is talk to your doctor they be able to advise. It really is baby steps, taking things hour by hour

I went to my GP and he said I can take a low dose anti depressant to help me sleep. I am a carer and a lady Tel me from the carers to listen.