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Hi everyone I just wanted to get your opinions on this very sensitive matter, my best friend has started using ouija board to communicate with her friend who passed away.

I don’t know what to believe tbh she’s saying that shes recieving messages from her friend, she thinks I should give it a go and try and talk to my mum and sister. Does it really work or is it just an unhealthy mind set to be in?

Thanks for reading, please feel free to share your thoughts, take care x

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Dear @Stargirl93

Thank you for sharing a very sensitive topic. I can only answer this from experience of a friend who tried this from over 20 years ago. She was a lovely, bubbly friend of mine who wanted to connect with her mum who passed away. Someone recommended the Ouija board.

She was never the same after trying it. No connection was made and sadly it messed with her head and was the never the same after it. No one can tell you what to do but I would seriously give it a lot of thought as to how it would affect you.

Take care.



Hi . You should stay away from ouija boards unless you are an expert , you are better off going to see a medium. Much safer .
Love Angie xx


@Peppers thank you so much, I am very worried that it would mess with my head tbh but some people say it really works can I give up the chance to communicate with my mum and sister just because I’m scared?

I am really skeptical about this but why would my friend say it worked if it didn’t?

Thanks for replying, take care x

Hi @Angie4 thank you for your response. Can I ask what do you mean by safer? X

Dear @Stargirl93, that is a difficult question to answer and only your friend can answer this. I am sorry if that is not much help but this is a very sensitive subject.

Please, please be careful as to how this will affect you, as there will be no going back once you have tried it.

Take care.

Pepsi x

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Thank you @Peppers for your concern, I appreciate what you are saying and I promise I won’t do anything until I have thought it through in great detail. X

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Hello . If a medium uses one they have to open it up and then close it down afterwards , say a prayer . Otherwise bad spirits can come through .
Love Angie xx

@Angie4 thanks I will keep that In mind, have you ever been to a medium before? Am I right to think your a believer then? Xx

Hi @Stargirl93, I’d definitely recommend going to see a medium instead, I went to see a lovely lady and she told me things only my dad would know, and the comfort and relief it bought me was so muchly needed, I’d stay away from the ouija board a few friends of mine tried it and it wasn’t a very good experience hope this helps in some way :heart: xxxx

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Hi @Lorraine89 thank you for your input I really appreciate it, I will definitely keep that in mind, do you genuinely believe that mediums work? Sorry to be skeptical its just the way I am I don’t mean any disrespect, take care sending hugs xxxx

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Hi @Stargirl93, I genuinely do after seeing this lady I was really unsure of going as I think in grief we are vulnerable and are so wanting to hear from our loved ones but a friend of mine who doesn’t believe in anything like that went with her mum and she said to me you really need to go, I’m not on any social media , I emailed this lady, and I didn’t say who had recommended her, and she picked up on so so much that she wouldn’t be able to make up, don’t apologise, no offence has been taken don’t worry, everyone is entitled to their beliefs and and what they are unsure of :heart: xxx

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@Lorraine89 I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts with me and it’s something I will definitely think about! I’m so happy that it worked for you and gave you some relief from the pain that is grieving. Thanks for helping me, take care xxx

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Thankyou for your lovely words :heart: @Stargirl93, please do let me know how you get on if you do decide to see a medium, take care too xxx