Our Annies

Its our 51st wedding anniversary tomorrow, and the first big occasion for me and my wife since she passed in January this year. I have been thinking really positive all week leading up to it, telling myself how well I am going to handle it etc, but as the day (Sat) as gone on I now feel totally devastated, and my emotions are already running away with me, I have had that “Gut” feeling come in the bottom of my stomach, its never really left me since she died but its come back with a vengeance today, I just feel like locking myself away and staying in bed all day, I wont do that because my two Kids and Grandchildren wont let me and I know that Hilary wouldn’t want me to do that, so hopefully I am going to buy her some flowers and take them up to her little memorial Garden at the crematorium and spend a couple of hours with her and tell her how much I am missing her and how much I still love her.Thanks Take Care Mickere xxx


Having been through an anniversary without my husband it’s going to be an emotional day but you will get through it … taking flowers to your wife is a lovely thing and make sure you’ve plenty of tissues in your pocket for the tears… if you are able to surround yourself with family friends do …take care