Over whelming

A ye and a half later I still can’t believe my mum has died

It’s so difficult to adjust to loss. If you have known someone all your life how do you cope? As best you can. Each of us will cope in our own individual way. There is no set pattern or one set of emotions. Although grief is universal it’s still individual in its process. A year and a half may be ten years and a half. Although time may pass and we may feel a little ease, it can still be painful after any length of time. I imagine you were close to your mum. That closeness will never be any different because of loss. Love can’t be lost, never.
Try, I say try because it’s difficult, but try to accept what has happened. We have to move on but keep that love in your heart because I’m sure your mum would not have wanted you to suffer. Blessings.

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