Overwhelmed with grief

I lost my mum suddenly over 2 years ago now, before they were testing for Covid. The impact it’s had on me is overwhelming to say the least. Over the 2 plus years, I’ve lost another 7 relatives the last one my younger brother, all to Covid and my best pal … my 17 year old patterdale terrier.
They say grief gets better with time… not!!! I seem to be getting worse. I only go out when I go to work which I’ve cut my hours to just 10 a week cos I couldn’t cope anymore. I have 2 adult sons and 3 year old grandson and I’ve withdrawn from all of them. The only time they see me is if they come to my home but sometimes I’ll lie to say I’m not in. Terrible I know but I can’t stand being around anyone anymore. I believe my grief, sadness and depression isn’t fair on anyone else so I stay home and away from anyone. I cry every single day as I miss my mum so so much. I honestly don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve tried grief counseling and cancelled it. I’ve spoken to mental health and withdrawn from them too. I keep thinking that maybe one day I’ll wake up feeling better but it feels like it’s getting worse. I don’t want to talk to my sons about it anymore either. Why should they be made to feel sad too.
Does anyone else feel this way. If so, do you have any advice at all please.


Oh Linda, you do seem to need counselling either grief or from the mental health team and I would really like you to try again and make yourself do it. From what you have written you are not in a good place and you do need to have professional help or your life will become no life very quickly. I know everyone here on the community have been down because of losing their loved ones but you have lost so many and your beloved terrier which must have felt like the last straw so help is needed. I really implore you to try again or go and see your GP who can also help. We are always here for you and I am sending lot’s of love to you hoping it gives you strength. S xx

Dear Linda, saw your post today. Hope you are feeling a little better as the day has gone along. I also have got myself into a sad place today thinking about my dear Dad who died 36 years ago as today 8th May was his Birthday .He was a super Dad and my Mum was a darling too. My husband died 2 years ago and I am still heart broken at his loss, so I wept for them all today, All Day!! Some days are easier on my own, other days are better being with someone it is all so confusing when your head and whole body is hurting. I think that living alone is the worst place in the world to be as we all need warmth and love in our homes . Sending you big hugs and better days ahead from caz xxxx

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