My parents, both suffering from dementia have passed away within 6 days of each other. Feeling totally overwhelmed having to organise everything now including a joint funeral.
People say I will feel better once the funeral is over, is this true ?

So sorry to hear of your double loss
It must be so hard to deal with losing both parents in such a short time and now having to organise funerals etc
Keep talking on this site as folk here fully understand
I can’t say it gets easier after the funeral and folks who say that have never suffered a loss like yours
The problem is people tend to disappear once the funeral is over as they think you should be ‘fine’ but reality hits. So don’t expect too much of yourself just give yourself time to grieve
It is tough
Take time with the legal stuff, sorting their things etc Do it all in your time

Thinking about you

Thank you for taking the time to reply.
I am sorry for your loss too . Nothing can prepare you that’s for sure. How are you doing ?