Overwhelming grief

I have posted on here before. My darling husband died 12 weeks ago, he was 69. I feel I was coping just about okay, dealing with everyday stuff, but the last few days have been so difficult. My tears won’t stop and I can’t seem to start to think about beginning my day. My family are near and so supportive but I just cannot keep burdening them with my grief.
At the moment I feel this awful feeling of loss and pain will never ease. It is so hard to think I will never hear his voice again or feel his arms around me.


Hello @NannyE, I’m just letting you know that you have been heard :blue_heart: I’m so sorry for the death of your husband. You are still in the early days of grief where your feelings will be so very raw.

I know lots of our members worry about, “burdening” others with their grief. Do you think a space for you would be helpful right now? You might want to explore these options:

You matter and deserve support. Take good care - you are not alone.


Dear Seaneen

Thank you so much, x

Hi, I lost my husband aged 64 12weeks ago tomorrow and I know exactly how you feel. After his passing I said I would wear my heart on my sleeve and it would be what it was but you start I think it’s hard for others to keep seeing you upset and thereby try to hold it back but it’s so very hard.
I started a journal to write in each morning and each evening. Starting my day without him is so very hard, I write between 6:00 and 9:00 is my crying time so I have a cuppa in bed and write about anything that comes to me and often have a good cry. It doesn’t stop me having tears at other times but it’s our time.
Thinking of you


Dear Palmart
Thank you so much for your words, at this time of your great loss too.
I know, it is so hard to start your day without your soulmate and best friend by your side. I think I might start to write a grief journal and see if it helps.
Thinking of you too

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Dear Palmart
I think it will help as well to think of it as ‘our time’ so thank you so much for saying that.

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I am sending you a hug.
My husband died on 26th August and I share all your feelings of grief and loss. My family and friends are so kind and loving, but it’s so very hard to face each day. I miss my lovely man , being alone after53 years together is almost unbearable, but I want him to be proud of me, so I am trying to go on.
I hope their are better days ahead ahead of us sometime in the future.


Sending love and a hug x
Lost My husband on 30th August we were together since the age of 13 51 years I feel exactly the same :heart: It’s hard to face each day without him :heart:🫂

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I feel exactly the same. I lost my wonderful husband two weeks ago and I really can’t see the point any more. I have three fabulous children and ten grandchildren. I wouldn’t have made it this far without them. I just cannot imagine any sort of happy future. The joy and pleasure in the smallest thing has gone forever.


It’s our 45th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow and todays our 51st Anniversary of when we started courting.
I’ve had my tears and no bought will have more before the days out but I’m going to face today and tomorrow knowing that I’ll carry him in my heart everyday and that he still loves me


This is a really good idea. Night time and mornings are my worst times. I am glad this is helping you.

So sorry to hear this - 3 weeks for me and I know exactly how you feel. Nothing has any meaning any more for me. Hope you can find support on this forum.

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