P1feel so lost inside😥

Feel so lost inside😥
My dad passed away just over 6 months ago.
Now there no words cab describe how i feel😭
Because of lockdown months ago held everuthing back
Dont really want talk about it.
Anyway never thought could visualise finally flying over going to clear our my dafs house etc.
So upset cant stop crying
Dont know why hurts si much
I barely knew him
Thats another story.
Feel so lost inside alone.
Yes i have family but nobody really understands how you feel.
Brother and I clear most of the house
But just couldnt hand back the key
Going back over maybe end next week or following wk☹

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Hi. S47. I am so sorry for how you feel after such a loss. Knew him well or not makes little difference. He was your dad and still is. Six months is so little time although, to you, it may seems ages. Whatever the circumstances we still can grieve over someone we hardly knew, or even never met. It may sound strange but it’s true. Handing back the key gives it a finality that may upset you. No one who has not been where you are can possibly know the pain. It’s why being here is so important. We all know only too well. Love and understanding are so important. Try not to force yourself too much or anticipate. Take it a day at a time. Very slowly, gradually it does ease just a little so that you may be able to see things differently. Give yourself time.
My very best wishes to you and Blessings. John.

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Thankyou for your kind words.
Yes handing back the keys is so hard to do.
Been in tears all week & cant talk to anyone abour how im feeling? Why does it hurt so much💔
Just couldnt hand them back last wk.
As its final & theres no going back & hes really gone.:disappointed_relieved:
Although im sure my dad/spirit is still in his house.
Need fly over again end off next wk check for finall time :& check atticc

So sorry to hear this. @Karen1978 had to clear her dear mum’s house in two weeks, it is very very sad when we have to do this, I haven’t yet had to do this but when the time comes and I have to do it, I shall be totally devastated and probably at this site crying to yuo guys. I hope you are both doing ok today.

Yesit is very traumatic

Hi Abdullah and all.
It is very upsetting reading all your posts and I can totally sympathise with how you are feeling as I struggle too. It was really traumatic having to clear the home in such little time after both my parents passed after 4 months of each other, the home had so many memories good and obviously sad ones, the council are heartless people as they are in my family home now ripping it up and taking things out which to me meant something, the fire place is being removed as apparently is a health risk but even that has so many memories which I hold so dearly.
Day by day I struggle to cope and now having weekly counselling sessions and taking antidepressants to help cushion my grief as before it just felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest so I am able to cope alittle better now but it never gets easier. The days just roll into one for me and often feel like I am getting up, working and going to bed, feels very routine and i feel very lost and alone as i too dont have much family and no children so no focus to put onto but myself which is difficult as i just want to curl up into a ball and have the pain taken away.
I do hope you all can find some happy memories in amongst the sadness as sometimes holding onto those makes things alittle more bearable.
Best wishes.
Karen. X

Hi Karen, thanks so much for being kind enough to post to give some words of encouragement to S47, I am sorry you’re still having quite a bad time, and you’re correct, it is despicable the way the council acted, hope things start to get a bit better for you soon. Please look after yourself. Hugggsss.

Dear Abdullah and S47.
Thankyou so much for your lovely words of comfort. Although it is very difficult at the moment, things do start to feel alittle easier and every day when you wake up, it doesnt feel as much as a heavy cloud over you but yes you do still get days when it just hits you like a ton of bricks and the hurt and trauma of everything just comes flooding back. My friends do tell me that even after a year, you still feel that pain but it does get easier to cope with and more manageable so I hope that brings you comfort in this sad time for all of us that has lost the most important people in our lives. Its 10 times worse when you have to give up the family home too, a place that is your comfort blanket in amongst the people in it that make it a home, the council too are utterly heartless, they just dont understand how painful it is and to them, it’s just bricks and mortar but to us it’s so much more than that.
Thinking of you both too and give you both the warmest of hugs.
Karen. X

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Hopr your doing ok Karen
Thijking of you♡

Dear S47.
Thankyou so much for your lovely comforting words. I am just trying to get through each day at the moment, they all seem to roll into one and often is a blur to me.
Hope you are getting through your days ok too and am thinking of you.
Karen. :heart: