Pain in my heart

I lost my mum last 28th December. She had diabetes and lots of complications. We didn’t expect her to die sooner, I flew to Philippines with the Intention of looking after her. Now I Uploading: D915023C-B42D-420A-8637-12D0BEADA8EA.jpeg… Uploading: 3F126DC8-FBFA-4C49-A8E9-45674B4F7B91.jpeg… can’t stop going back in time on what I could have done to see my mOm alive. She died of heart attack on the same day I arrived Philippines! Not to mention, Dubai didn’t let me fly to my next connecting flight!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I went around Dubai to 3 Hospitals at 2am in a taxi with my luggages for another PCR test and had bought AGAIN a new 1 way ticket worth £3,000 (yes Three thousand pounds!) otherwise if I wait for the replacement free ticket, I would have to wait 5 days at the airport!!!) Waited 18 hours and finally arrived Manila…A day later from original flight & found out upon landing from a phone call from Kenn. I was soOooo close!! Was 1 hug really that TOO MUCH to ask? :sob::sob::sob::broken_heart: Mommy I know I always tell you that I love you and I miss you but I just really want a hug from you right now pleaseeeeeeeeee :sob::sob::sob:


So sorry for your loss and so sad you didn’t get to see your mum. Think of the good times you had with your mum and try not to focus on the sadness of not seeing her one last time . Think we all have regrets I know I do and sometimes these get the better of me but I do try to think of happier times all the best to you and your family

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Thank you for your lovely message, means a lot to me xx

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