Pain relief

Hi new here. My father in law was diagnosed last sunday with terminal lung cancer. He was given weeks to a month to live. Hes also on dialysis 3 times a week till he chooses to give up. He’s in pain. Been told he can take paracetamol or cocodamol I think which hes really not liking or taking because of this. Who do I call at the weekend? Mac nurses haven’t been in touch yet been told to wait for them till Wednesday and call back if they still haven’t. All I could do for him yesterday was find him some more pillows and a wheat bag. Hate to see hin like this and I fear he will give up before he wants becauae of this.

Hi Sazzle,

So sorry that your father-in-law is in pain and that it isn’t being controlled. Do you have a number for the Macmillan nurse that you could ring early and let them know the situation? Or could you try the district nurses or out-of-hours number at his GP?

Here is a link to some more information about out of hours care:

I hope you manage to get something sorted.

Hi Sazzle,

How is your father-in-law today? Did you manage to get some pain relief for him?

We have had a member called Louise join the site recently, whose mother is in a hospice and experiencing a rapid deterioration in her health. If you feel like getting in touch with someone who is going through something similar with a family member, you can read and reply to her post here:

Many thanks for thinking of me Priscilla. He has a GP coming out to him this morning and I spoke to the general Macmillan number also about what should have been in place for him and so also checking a referral has gone in from his GP’s to the local Palliative Care team. It seems like a few things are happening this morning which is a relief.

I’m so glad to hear you’ve made some progress with everything, that must be a big relief.

Keep posting here if you find that it helps.

Many thanks