I don’t feel I can do this much longer . The pain is just too much to hear every day. Is this my life for ever now.

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Dear Gerbil.
Please hang in there. When you get more used to the site you will find most of us feel the same. I know I do. You don’t say what happened or how long ago but we all know it is almost unbearable when you lose someone. So we understand your despair. That is normal in grief, the worst time possible to have to carry on.
Life will never be the same but you will learn to live with it and find ways to cope. Please write again. It will help you to learn how others have coped.
Thinking of you and sending a virtual hug xx

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I am sorry your here with the rest of us. I do no what you’re feeling my partner lost to cancer on the 13 July last year six weeks after we first found out that’s what it was. Its the hardest thing in the world trying to carry on to find your place in the world with out them in it thinking of all the years ahead. I try to take it one day at a time some days my Hart akes other I drift not noing how I got to the end of the day and yet I no I can’t give up stay strong and be kind to your self hugs and kisses cj

You too sweetheart. We are all in the same boat and we are here for you x x

My heart goes out to you. I really know what you are feeling. Lost my hubby 12 weeks ago. Seems like yesterday I sat and held him whilst he took his last breath.
Only been on this site a short time also but it does give comfort knowing others are feeling the same and understand exactly how you feel.
My husband gives me the strength to get through each day. I know he will be looking down at me and telling me to keep going. He would want me to. It is hard, unbearable and oh so lonely but please keep going, let’s hold each other’s hand and get through each day, be there for each other when we stumble and fall, pick each other up and dust each other down, and tell each other we will try to be a little stronger tomorrow.
Hugs to you, please hang on in there. Xx



Thank you Anne I don’t have family around and have found friends have become very thin on the ground. Where have they gone when I need them so desperately.

This is brilliant and gives me hope. Thankyou.

Hi Gerbil.
It’s a long time since you wrote and I just wondered how you are coping now. It’s a hard old road but we must do our best to go along it together. People on this site are here for you,
Ann x

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