I feel the loss of my grandad everyday. I find it hard to make sense of the world. There is a whole in my heart and I don’t know how to handle it. People say “BE STRONG” but how can you when your joy and heart is gone


Hi Dan1,
I am so sorry you lost your grandad, you must have been close, it really does feel like the end of the world when you lose someone you love dearly. As for being strong ! oh I just don’t know where to start, Your a human being with feelings , Sadly some people would rather hide their feelings than face them, and that’s ok if that’s what they want to do , but in my opinion they are going to come out some way or another and that may not be in a healthy way if you can’t express them , its not good to push your feelings down. I think you really need some one to talk to or some sort of counselling . Can you talk to your gran, mother or a relative , or are they the ones who are saying be strong ? I think counselling can be arranged on this site if you ask. Or you could ask your doctor.
I have a granddaughter and would hate for her to have to try and deal with the loss of her grandad on her own.
If you Type in grandad you should find lots of posts from people who have lost their grandad on here and how they feel and are dealing with it.
Don’t be afraid to say how you feel on here , if you read through some posts you will soon find everyone on here feels the same pain you are. Take care Jss

Dear Dan1

I replied to another poster on this forum a short while ago. They are in a similar position to yourself and their post is entitled ‘Missing my grandad, my hero!’.

Take care.

Thank you Jess and bless your kind heart

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Hi Dan1

I’ve just recently lost my grandad and I know how you feel. Like you, my grandad was my hero and my second father and I feel so lost without him. Getting through everyday is tough but I always put a brave face on and go through all the emotions of the day. At night, I let myself have a good cry. The emotional pain is torture and it’s going to get even tougher in the next few weeks leading up to Christmas.
You’re not alone, be kind to yourself and if you feel like crying, just let the tears out.

Thinking of you