My beloved mum died on Saturday after a brave and determined fight with lung cancer. I miss her so much it’s untrue. She was my soulmate. Her last breath will haunt me till I die cos it LOOKED as though she was in agony and made almost like a loud growl. Has anyone else experienced this? X


I’m so sorry you lost your mum. Watching someone die is so so hard. I also watched my mums last breaths. The sighs and sounds you hear towards the end is the last breaths leaving the body. It’s all reflexes of a dying brain. I’m told it is not uncomfortable for them. Take comfort you were with her. As haunted as I am. It was a privilege to be with my mum as she left this world.


Hi Suze, I’m so sorry you lost your mum. I lost mine last Tuesday x I wish you the best, kieran

Hi Jooles, I’m sorry your lost your mum too. I agree with every word you said. Kieran x

Hi Sue, my husband died of cancer, it started in his toe, under the toenail, as a malignant melanoma, spread to the lymph glands in the groin, they were removed, spread to the lungs, a nodule was successfully removed by surgery, that gave us hope for a brief time, then several cancerous legions reastablished themselves in the lungs again, both both lungs, the rib cage, secondaries in the liver, the lymph nodes again, the bones and a tumour near the spine. He died at home, wouldn’t go to hospital or hospice. A hospital bed was provided for him by the NHS for his end of life. The end was horrific, it took him 17 hours to die and the noises and gurgling coming from his chest as his lungs filled up with fluid, was horrific, he was in tremendous pain also, especially when the Cancer got into his bones. I could not stay for the last breath, I was too traumatised by that point but his sister and son were with him and said that was the worst part……

I lost my mother last month, not long after my husband died. She died before we, as a family, could get to see her, she went so quickly, after the hospital informed us she was deteriorating and we needed to come in, that was about 5pm, by the time we got there, she had gone, so never got the chance to say goodbye. She was in hospital for a few days but we weren’t allowed to visit due to Covid restrictions.

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Hi Kieran

I am so sorry for your loss and so recently too. Thoughts and love are with you xx

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