This pain is becoming unbearable….god, I wish someone could help me.
I can’t take it for much longer.
I’ve reached out to all professionals but I’m in agony c


I wish I’d never known his love…if I thought I’d lose him so young

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Wish I had some words of wisdom to help but all I can say is I’m so sorry. Its six months for me and I have many thoughts along these lines. I often wish we had never met and then this wouldn’t hurt so much. Not sure the saying ‘better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all’ is right. Some days i would give anything to take a tablet and erase my memory. Xx


Life is so hard for the ones left behind.
We try to get through each day and by god its hard to do that now. 4.5 months for me try hard to get on with life but nothing is the same and this is not the life we planned. You always think you have more time but sudden deaths are harder to live with. Sometimes i hope my time is not far away but how do we know how long we have now. According to statistics i could live for another 20+ years.
Surely i dont have to suffer this pain for that time because i dont think i can.
What have i done to suffer this heartache live alone does not hold :broken_heart: much now.

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nothing is same and will be this sudden parting is so unbearable ! My heart aches so much and i feel it will come out sometime.

Hi @Hedges10
Today feeling a but sad.
Stuck indoors due to heavy rain here not spoken to anyone over the weekend so long dark rainy day and nights.
It is hard for us dealing with things on our own when we were used to being in a couple. Getting easy dont think it is but trying my best to cope with things time will tell and who knows how long we have.
My husband passed no illness just suddenly just were not prepared for it x

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i know this weather adds on to everything. Just went for a coffee with my in-laws. Trying to be strong and supporting them though not easy!
no one is prepared for parting its so painful !

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Hi @Hedges10
I know its hard my husband passed over 4 months ago and i have only had a text from his brother ever 2-3 weeks. I am so sad but guess he is grieving too and maybe finds it hard but my husband would be unhappy as dealing with everything on my own is very hard. I have a brother but not seem him since funeral.
I guess everyone is busy with their own lives to bother about me now.
I am learning to cope but not always good at it x


@Galaxy75 Its sad families and friends dnt interact much during this need of hour, even with me most of friends and family members dnt interact much .its just my in laws and my parents.So I am adapting this new change .Christmas is gonna be hard dnt know how I will cope with it.Mornings are blank ,nights are quite its a new way of living.

Hi @Hedges10
Guess i will learn to live with my own time and thoughts.
We used to travel quite a lot together so going away on my own seems daunting but i am planning a visit to ireland next year.
I will learn to do things on my own now as if it was the other way around he would have to do things on his own too.
Thanks take care x

@Galaxy75 I guess we all will start adapting with this new change wrapped up in tears and sorrow remembering our soul mates.Ireland is lovely it will definitely do you good .I am watching Julia Bradburys Ireland tour every Saturday you might like it .She is herself suffering from breast cancer trying to create awareness.

Julia Bradbury’s Irish Journey - Channel 4

](Watch Julia Bradbury's Irish Journey | Stream free on Channel 4)
Hopefully you will like it.
Your pain will never go it just eases over time and you learn to cope it.
Take care XX

Hi @Hedges10
Thanks i will give it a watch
Lynne x