Painful feeling

How can l feel angry with my daughter?
I love her so much. Why did she make the decision to take herself away from me?

I am left with a pain that eats away at me. Not every day, but when it hits it is unbearable.

I wanted to buy her a flat near me and she had enough money to buy a car. She was beautiful and clever, and very loved by her friends and family.


Peanutbrain, so sad and I can feel your bewilderment and it’s that bewilderment that makes you angry. We can never understand why someone does what your beautiful daughter has done, they leave with so many unanswered questions.
I am pleased that you have reached out and written your post, sometimes just doing what you have achieved helps. There are three sites that offer support for people in your position, I don’t know if you have visited them I will list them just in case they are useful to you. There are many on here who have lost both sons and daughters.
Take care of yourself at present you are very vulnerable. S xx

Thanks for replying. Today was a bad day so l tried to turn it around and went yellow sicker food shopping.
I love to buy reduced food so it does not get thrown away. I give some of it to my neighbours who are struggling a bit.

I am volunteering for a spiritual healing group called the Seekers and am finding it helps a lot.

Tomorrow will be a better day. Thank you for giving me the information on the other groups.

Please let me know how you get on with the healing, I do reiki and find it very beneficial. My grandparents were spiritual but I have never been to their gatherings. S xx

Hi Suzie,
I don’t get spiritual healing at the Seekers because the healing has stopped since the pandemic.

Although l have obtained healing from another source since Laura passed and also been to a medium.

Both helped.

I was a community development officer when l worked and l am using those skills to raise money for the Seekers by applying for funding for them to be able to offer their services to a wider audience.

There are based in Addington, Kent and offer a beautiful woodland and gardens for walks.

Also a beautiful rose garden where they offer a burial of loved ones ashes with a ceremony.

Would it be possible to spread the word to others on this site as l have received so much support, love and compassion from the Seekers staff.

We are going to open a tea room and gift shop and other projects to help the lonely, these suffering beavement and anybody who needs peace.