palpitations/shakes are back and absolutely exhausted

it’s just over 5 months since i lost shaun… the first few weeks i just run on auto pilot, then come november it hit me, severe anxiety/shaking/palpitations… december then it slightly eased and i was trying to get through… the last few weeks i have just been so incredibly low, the days are getting harder, today the palpitations/shakes have made a return…
the grief is crippling me, and on top of that so many worries about mine and the kids future, stability… i’m literally at the point of not seeing anyway of this ever easing or things ever getting any easier


Hi @Scarl34. One thing that struck me is that any sadness/anxiety/ loneliness became worse as winter set in. It’s called SAD syndrome, or more correctly called Seasonally Affective Disorder. It’s caused by the lack of sunlight reducing vitamin D (I think that’s the right one). For me, this is already reducing as we get longer days.

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hi @tykey yes iv heard of SAD a lot previously, never really experienced it or understood but i definitely think this is a factor added right now… i have no motivation… i used to be such an energetic person, i know i wont be her again because that’s when i had shaun. but right now im so tired drained and struggling x

Grief is debilitating all consuming overwhelming and exhausting .
Try just take a day at a time and if you do t want to see anyone don’t.
Maybe try to focus each day a few things to do which may help ?
Think grief is in waves it’s unpredictable at times and somehow we get through each day x
Take care x

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@Scarl34 our youngest daughter is an NHS dietitian and is a strong advocate of everyone in the UK taking a vitamin D supplement as we don’t get enough sunlight to replenish it.
I won’t say it will cure anything but it might help.
I hope as the days lengthen and the weather warms that your journey through grief also improves.
Take care…Pete

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@Ferne its just literally the worse thing ever isn’t it? i just feel literally at rock bottom right now

@PJ64 thank you i will try them… i know its not helping as im not eating much at all or sleeping well, so i guess all that on top of the other pain/stresses is just completely exhausting me right now. both physically/emotionally