Pam T - death of my husband

Can someone help me please.i am struggling with the death of my husband

I’ve Just joined this group so not sure what to do. I joined purely as I am struggling myself with the death of my husband 12 weeks ago so probably unable to advise you but I certainly can sympathise. Although I have 2 adult children and 2 , grandkids and 2 dogs I feel alone. The love of my life and soul mate has left me all alone suddenly without any warning. Life is so unfair. Clearly I am not on my own as you and others are sadly having to deal with the same pain.

Hi Pam im very sorry for your loss .A few ideas 1 take it day by day dont plan if you dont have to .Go see your gp re medication to help (it helps me )lean on family or friends if the offer is there .Try to get some me time for your heart and brain .Because unfortunately your nightmare will patiently wait for you when you return to reality .Dont be a stranger on here keep coming back Colin (im 57 my wife died 04032016 on her 41 st birthday