Is anyone else finding that the pandemic has put back their recovery. My husband died at the end of 2018, he was in very poor health and we knew time was short. However, when it came it was very sudden, kind for him, less so for me the shock was traumatic. I
was doing OK picking up social life and activities. Some of the activities have been curtailed indefinitely, social occasions reduced. I am very very lonely in spite of being back in my voluntary job. I feel almost as sad and lonely as I did in the first few monhs after his death. I have no family near and live on a very quiet estate.

Hi. My husband also died the end of 2018 and after a year of preferring my own company I began to make that move into the outside world again. I managed to keep myself busy with my regular walking and looking after our allotments but I didn’t want to mix, even with people I knew. Making the effort was hard but I joined a group of people to meet up once a week and a dancing class. I already attended the gym but that isn’t really a social thing. The last three things were no longer possible with lockdown but the gym has opened again. I still managed to keep busy all through the lockdown (allotments allowed to stay open) but I think that the loneliness comes from within us. No amount of company can take the place of that one special person so now I say I am not lonely but at times I do feel alone and that comes from within me.
You have succeeded in making that effort to pick up the pieces of a life and I hope that you will be able to eventually like your own company and not feel so lonely. I have talked to women living alone and they admit they are quite content, so I am hoping that one day I will be able to say I am coping just fine on my own.
Good luck

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Thank you for your kind reply, I am back working in the charity shop where i volunteer
and have just started a pilates class near my home. I find it hardest coming home to the empty house, it really hits me then. good luck to you stay well, it is so good to know that someone else understands. x