Panic/Anxiety Attacks

I’ve been having many panic attacks since losing my mum in April and then losing my dad 3 weeks later.
My sister messaged me yesterday, asking me to go to my parents house to pick up my things that I had asked my mum to store for me. I haven’t been to the house since before they both passed. I feel overwhelmed and anxious just thinking about going into that empty house with nothing left but memories…memories of my mum & dad eating lunches with my kids when they were small…memories of my mum cooking…memories of my dad watching football on TV. I’m so upset just thinking about it and keep crying. Not sure what state I’ll be in if I even make it there…
Any advice to help ease this?
Thank you for reading and I hope that today is a less difficult/bearable day for you all xx


@Ang2 I feel your stress and pain about this. I’ve had to visit my Mum’s house regularly to check on it and tend to the garden since she died back in January. The house sale has been plagued by delays so I still have no end in sight for the moment. Me and my brother did get the house cleared within the first couple of months but the emptiness still highlights the absence of our Mum. I literally grit my teeth as I open the front door and try to see the house as just bricks and mortar, but it hasn’t really helped! I try to focus on knowing that eventually this episode will be over. It’s incredibly emotional so please know that there are others who are going through the same. Best wishes xx

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Hello @Ang2,

@Rosiepink has shared some great advice. You might also find this video on coping with panic attacks helpful:

Take care :blue_heart:


Thank you @Rosiepink for sharing your own experience. I really appreciate it xx


Hi @Ang2 I don’t have much advice, I just wanted to message and let you know that you’re not alone. I too have had many panic attacks since my mum passed. I feel so vulnerable and scared without her, it makes me worry how I’ll cope going forward without her support. I only have my husband now, no other close family, so it’s a very lonely place to be without my mum. This makes me very anxious. I struggled with anxiety before but it’s definitely got worse after the loss of my mum. The only thing that helps me is distraction, I try and do something else to occupy my mind and calm me down - watch TV, read, get outside for fresh air and a walk. Not sure how much that helps, but that’s all I’ve got. Hope your OK xx


@Woo4 thank you xx every reply on here helps, you letting me know that I’m not alone in how I’m feeling helps a lot.
I’m like you, suffered anxiety before but has got a whole lot worse since losing my parents.
I have been distracting myself (probably too much to be honest) since their funerals and not really allowed myself to really ‘feel it’ if you know what I mean? So, due to that, whenever it catches up with me, I have a proper meltdown.
This grief journey is awful. I feel for every single person on this site.
Thank you again for reaching out and sharing. Big hugs xx