Hi All,
I just wondered how you cope with the panic when you realise you’ll never see your beloved partner/husband/wife again.
The thought terrifies me and sometimes I feel I will act upon the thought as I can’t bear it.
Aly :heart::heart:


I gritted my teeth, slowed my breathing (in through the nose, out through the mouth) and had a good cry. Also gave my dogs a good cuddle.
We just need to get through it as best we can, until the panic abates.


My husband died very suddenly 4 months ago. The panic and anxiety is worse now then at the beginning. I’m fed up with the palpitations, horrible feelings. They wear you out.

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I’m the same…I feel petrified all the time.
No one seems to understand.
I feel I prefer to leave this world than carry on like this.
I wish someone could help me.


Have you considered seeing a hypnotherapist. I had bad anxiety a few years back and found a great hypnotherapist who retrained my brain. I only needed a few sessions to help me feel more in control.

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@Ali29 . Ive used hypnotherapy as well. Worked brilliantly! Even did it at home using zoom,!

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Yes, I used the same person after my partner died. She’s been brilliant.

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Don’t think beyond tomorrow…if you start thinking…stop and think about the
next minute, hour,
day…no further…:heavy_heart_exclamation:

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@Ali29 who did you g to? Xxx

I didnt actually use the same as Ali. So as an alternative,