I wish someone could help me….I feel so scared and alone in this world….I can’t bear the emptiness I feel…how do I survive this? I can feel the panic inside me xxx


I am so sorry you are feeling like this. I too am feeling so alone and empty! It is so hard without them and no matter who is around us it isn’t them!
Take one step at a time , day by day, hour by hour and it will get better.
If you can try to keep busy and occupy your mind. I find a long walk helps or housework!
Look after yourself - sending a big hug


Hi @AlysonandSteve i completely relate I am constantly petrified and so anxious constantly… I don’t know how I’m going to live the rest of my
Life without my soulmate? How I’m going to face all the challenges that are inevitably going to come my way, and not have shaun by my side supporting me and making everything ok?

It’s cruel and I just feel I’m existing now in the coldest darkest world for nothing, the only thing keeping me getting through the days are my
Children, without them I honestly don’t think I’d still be here xx

Hope you cope well.

really not

I am sorry.

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If you ever want to chat, pleaseet me know.

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thank you! it’s just terrifying right now i don’t see a way going forward

Would you like to call me for chat?