Parent loss

Hi everyone i currently lost my dad in November its a first loss i had in my family and im not sure how to feel at moment feel lost and dont wanna believe it…and advice would be great


Lost my dad recently too. Sending hugs! Try to take one minute, one hour at a time and don’t think about the future now. I understand how much it hurts and I wish none of us had to be in this situation, but know that you’re not alone. :heart:


Cant really offer much in the way of advise as only lost my mum 4 weeks ago so im not adjusting well myself at the minute. But hopefully we can all learn to live with our grief as i dont think it will ever truely leave us, we have to honour their memory by being strong enough to live each day the very bedt we can and carry them in our hearts always. Sending you a big hug😘


Be kind and patient with yourself.

If anyone offers support in any way - take it and cherish it.

Don’t expect others to understand, it can lead to you being disappointed or hurt by well meaning people who don’t understand what you are going through.

If you have anyone you can talk to then do.

If you want to there are podcasts like Greifcast which can help you feel less alone.

Start a diary or a journal to let your emotions out and try and not carry the full weight of them around all day everyday.

If life is overwhelming, go to the GP and get signed off work for a while. It can help give you some breathing space to adjust and process things.

I had some of my dads favourite shirts made into teddies so that I could have something comforting and also not depressing in the house as a reminder of him.

Do things that are true to the memory of your Dad. Whether that’s going to a place you used to together, making the meal he would like or speaking to him/writing to him in a diary. Keep the relationship with him alive in your life.

Don’t put a timeline on anything, take it day/week at a time. For many people there is no getting over the grief, just that your life eventually grows around it.

I lost my Dad almost 5 years ago, in many ways I feel like it was yesterday and also so long in the same breath. I feel like a completely different person but still close to my Dad and a defining relationship in my life and who I am, why I choose to live my life the way I do.

I hope this helps in some way, every person is different so follow whatever feels right to you.

Take care.


Awww thank you lovely means alot that

Big hugs to you aswell

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:big hugs

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Hi there,
I lost my Mum yesterday and can completely relate to feeling lost and in complete disbelief. I hope you get comfort from the lovely comments people have left you, sending you a big hug x

sending lots of love :pray:t2:
it’s coming up to 3yrs since my Dad died and i still have devastatingly dark times and i’m still very much in my grief bubble if i’m completely honest

christmas/new year were dark but i’ve found in recent months i’ve felt more of my purpose shine through, knowing that, for now, my time’s not up yet despite having those dark thoughts

all i can say is be patient with yourself, be gentle and kind, and just take each second as it comes and don’t feel pressured by anybody to act, be, feel, behave a certain way because your grief is yours and nobody else’s - society has fed us a BS of a lie when it comes to grieve so just do what feels right but also brings you comfort :heart: