Parent moving on

I lost my mum awhile ago, and it’s only recently that iv been noticing little things that make me think my dad might be starting to see someone and I don’t know how I feel about it and spent time crying about this thought. I know eventually he might but it’s too much of me to process right now , I’m not sure my feelings on it or how to process it. Any advice

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Sorry for your loss. I’ve lost both parents recently.

Some people can’t bear being alone, they miss their partner desperately and just want that gap filled. These relationships don’t usually last if the person hadn’t grieved fully. It’s a stage in the process.

I have a friend doing this same thing, she says it distracts her from the pain.

Hard for us children to see, I think I’d feel angry. It could well be as I’ve said, just a way of blocking out pain and no disrespect meant.

Sending you a hug xx

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@Spuffycat, I do feel a little angry as it feels like there trying to replace mum ,but I also know the person . I want my dad to be happy but it’s a lot for me to process as it was my mum and I just have all these feelings and I can’t say anything yet as I’m not sure that’s what’s happening.

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Hey Squeels

It’s a mixture of feelings…I think I understand, my stepdad talked about moving on. Sad now, as he has also passed.

I didn’t like it at the time but it never happened in the end.

Nobody can prepare you for this can they?

Hugs to you :hugs:.