Hi ,looking for a bit of help . How does everyone cope with the lose of both parents to cancer after helping them with palliative care at home? I’m struggling a bit


Jallan, you have been so brave and kind it is no wonder you are struggling. Can I assume you had community nurses coming in and they came from either Sue Ryder or MacMillan organisations, if so please talk to them because they can offer you specialist help. If not your GP and after that help from Sue Ryder or Cruse. But it will take time for you to get sorted after such an ordeal.
You have done so much and now you need to look after yourself. Please don’t struggle on if things are bad. Stay safe, we are always here for you. Sending blessings S xxx

Hi Susie, yes district nurses were in and out to help with both parents .I will maybe speak to cruse and see if this helps in any way