My Father died in 2011 and my mother died in 2014.Being the only son of 4 children, it seemed to fall on me to do the reading at both funerals and to be strong for my sisters and my children. I could not let myself go and cry with my kids there and it was not till I was alone that I had a good cry. Now years on I still love my parents and still have a cry when they pop into my head, or I see something in the photo albums.
My girlfriend has said I need to have counselling and she may be right and that is why I am here to chat with people who are going through the same thing.

Hello Marty

I am glad you have found this forum, as you say there people here who can empathise with you. I am sorry to see you have lost both your parents and within quite a short time of each other. I admire you greatly for reading at your parents’ funerals, that is a very hard occasion to deal with.

I lost my Dad over 20 years ago and my Mum more recently. I joined this forum very soon after losing Mum and have found it a great help and people here very supportive.

I feel it is natural to cry sometimes remembering your parents, I certainly do about Mum and her passing away brought back many memories of losing Dad so I think the tears are for both of them. I have been told crying is good as it relieves stress and tension so nothing to worry about. Looking at photographs is good, many people cannot do that as they find it far too painful. They are the memories of happier times spent and something good to focus on. It is really if your thoughts get more dark that it is a concern.

If you feel counselling would help yes certainly go and see your doctor and they can sort it out for you. Reading others posts here I see there are often long waits for this which is not so good. Keep coming back here if you need advice or someone to chat to, there is usually someone around to reply.