partner died recently

Hello everyone,
My partner died of cancer a few weeks ago. He was in Kings College Hospital for six nights until he died. I have been sorting out the finances, the funeral and any paperwork (death certificate, changing accounts to my name and any other problems that comes after a bereavement).

We were married in hospital by special license in hospital and my partner died the next day. It has had a big effect on my physical health and it was traumatic when in the hospital as I was the sole carer.

Now he is dead I’m finding it really difficult on my own. The house I now find is too big for me and the upkeep is non-stop. I have been going out and now am looking for activities in my area, walking clubs, coffee mornings etc. I still miss my husband and have been so sad when I think of him and I cry and feel heartbroken over what happened. it’s so sad xx

hello @gardener and a warm welcome to our Online Community.

I’m so sorry to read of the death of your husband. It’s perfectly natural to be finding things difficult on your own, but it’s good to hear you’re getting out and seeking company through local activities.

I hope you can find some comfort in our community where you’ll find you’re not along in your feelings. You may have already done so, but reading and getting involved in some of the threads in our “Losing a partner” section might be helpful for you

take care

@gardener I to am in a similar situation to you. I lost my partner of 34 years. Business partner as well as the love of my life. I too am rattling about in a house that’s too big for me, plus a farm I cannot look after by myself and am in the middle of trying to tie up all the legal loose ends to get the place and the farm cottage on the market. Upkeep is drowning me.