I’ve just taken my soulmate , best friend to our hospice today he’s in for symptom control from palliative chemo . He looks skeletal and he’s so weak , he was always a strong , happy man , I’m not coping with watching him sufffer so much I’ve been a nurse for 22 years and seen so much suffering but this is agony , how do you go on ? Stay brave ? Is there a future without him ? I don’t want one , I wish it was me not him . Others must be or have gone through this , any answers ? Xx

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I so wish i had answers for you, but i dont think there are any. Its horrible and unfair watching a loved one go through cancer. Stay strong and look after yourself too, i know it sounds cliché. Im only 6 weeks in to this new life, but i know however many years down the line it takes i will hopefully find a way to a happy life again. Sending love and hugs to you. X

It’s like your living in another world , very cruel disease x