Passing of husband

Mate I feel ur pain so much! It’s so hard thers no words, esp lossing 2 loved ones. I’m 1 year, :broken_heart:
It’s so hard to get on n do stuff, we have good moments n bad, just no one knows how the greaving process goes, we’re all so different, but we need to imbrace it and very forget n always talk but then think would out loved ones want us to be crying every day ect
It’s going to be a month for me on Sunday n week we buried my husband on Thursday, think iv been on the crazy mess sorting stuff n still got so much with probate ect but I’m like it can wait till next week, just need the head space, others can wait till I’m ready think we need to take care of ourselves to ensure we greave in the way we need too xxx

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just try to slow down and take your time over the stuff that needs sorting out. I am so sorry that you are going through so mu h pain

Think the people involved think it’s okay to rush and get it sorted but I’m like nope xx

you are right, do things in your own time. its sad that other people sometimes get it wrong but look out for the people that care.
you are important take care xxx

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Same back at u hun, we got to do it for the ones we love xx

Hi Cherish.Hope you are feeling a little better although I know that’s a stupid thing to say. I am in Anglesy for a couple of days having a break but it still doesn’t feel any better than going at home although weather is great.My heart can never feel contentment no matter what J do and whatever I go love and hugs

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I hope u have a nice break hun, yeah well u still got to go and try take ur mind off things even for a bit, I’m just sat eating bacon fries, lol today its been a week of the furenal so bit of a shitty day but next week I’m. Going to go see him alone and have a chat it will be my first time, I’m scared but also looking forward to itv, I’m going to bring a blanket n my drink n just sit :pensive:
Hope u are feeling a bit better and hope the weather is kind to u, are u with friends or family? Xx

Cherish, it is hard very hard as my husband has hone when he was 39 years old due to sudden heart attack while he was fit and healthy. I am heart broken, lost, disappointed… 5 months passed still asking why. Hope you will get better

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Oh :cry: so young :broken_heart::pray:


I suddenly lost my husband, I have just had 5 sessions of counselling and i recommend it.

I am not fixed but talking to someone, who will listen and offer they advice and help I can see it as a positive.

I’m now trying to put what was advised into everyday and when those bad days come, don’t fight with them accept them.

Hope if you do decide on counselling it helps you


I’m so sorry for ur loss aswell, times are shitty!
But yes I’m thinking of counselling but don’t know where to start with that? X

There is a charity called cruse, look them up to see if they are close to you?
If not I would try doctors and explain to them how ur feeling,
I had more cbt counselling, which is ways of dealing with things and seeing things in different ways to help cope. I will definitely ask for more if I need to,

mine too , 3 weeks ago today , keep looking at his chair , he is not there . broken , dont know i will get through this , but others have . I expect we will too . but it is hard to see too far ahead at the moment x

Mate no words I’m so sorry for ur loss, its not just the loss its the sorting out it’s the talking to people with his estate, transferring bills ect it’s so hard the whole thing, makes u feel numb it changes life n how u see it for ever but I guess we will come out the other side how or when who knows xxx

I’m so sorry that is Very young, and so sad. I’m nine months on and still think my husband is coming home. Everything is strange, lonely and horrid. So many people tell us that time will heal. There are so many people out there feeling the same, but I know that is little comfort. Take care.