Passing of mum

My mum passed this year 30\04\23, in my arms as i was making her comfortable. I could understand why mum left so soon. Only discharged out of hospital 4 day prior. I feel a sudden sence of loss, emptiness, and ashamed that I didn’t do enough for my mum. Everything in the bungalow has a sense of mum being around, the touch and the smell of her. I even wear her dressing gown, the one she wore when she was in hospital. I can’t get over mum not sitting in her chair, not being there when i wake up every morning.


I feel the same. Lost my beautiful mum in May aged 90. She lived here for 50 years. I have lived in the same house since I was born. It is so hard isn’t it. I’m sure you did everything you could for her. We all feel guilty about things when they’ve passed; it’s just natural. We just have to try our best and know that they would want us to be strong and slowly move forward. I know how desperately hard it is. I can’t stop thinking about her. I try to keep busy but it’s so hard. Love to you. xx