Peculiar emotional change

Thought I was ok then this morning seem sad again. Been left emotionally high and dry at some significant distance to pay to watch uncles funeral online last month only to have Neighbor die next door week after, his funeral next week. So far no phone call from anyone in the entire family. That standard practice I should know that by now. Attend at own health benefit of narcissist mother but write a letter to me covers 36 years of nonsense. Everyone had opportunity to say goodbye to uncle Cept me. Offers of mum driving father to see him… me oooh no doesn’t hit radar. Just go back to work now half term I try process it all in 7 days so my employers are happy Larry. Anything else place your orders now on superwoman.

Superwoman —
And breath.
It’s easy for me to say - we all have inconsiderate relatives/neighbours - but you don’t want this latest situation to escalate to the demise of your own health.
Basically what I’m trying to say Is you don’t need the negativity from others.
Keep reading the posts here - I’ve found other peoples stories put a bit perspective on things.
G. X