People are exhausting

It’s been almost a week since I lost my Mum on New Year’s Day and right now everything is about arranging the funeral and honouring mum’s wishes.

The people around me are absolutely draining me, my energy levels are always low anyway because of my health conditions. I also have social anxiety and am introverted. I don’t do well in groups and find relationships very hard normally, without grief added in.

I feel like they’re honestly zapping the life out of me with their needs and emotions and I’m really not built for it.

I miss my Mum, a hug from her would make me forget all of this :broken_heart:


I hear you. People normally drain me of energy too and dad could make it all better, but without him I’m lost. My sympathies. :heart:


I really feel for you @stardust2023. I lost my mum in September and it’s been so hard. Extended family who I’m not even close to have come out with some hurtful things recently and are really draining me and pressuring me about things that have nothing to do with them. I know what you mean, you just need to be and to grieve without the added hardship of other people. I’ve been crying so much about it lately and know all it would take to fix it is a few words and a hug from my mum :cry:

Take care, your not alone in this feeling, maybe just make it clear to others when you need space and try to look after yourself xx


Hi Ulma,
Thank you for your reply, I’m sorry for your loss also :heart:

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Hi Woo4,
Thank you for your kind words, it is appreciated.
I’m really sorry for your loss, I do understand :broken_heart:
My inbox is always open if you ever need to vent x

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