People i have lost

Hi i am new to this but i dont know how to cope when i have lost my two aunties my nan my grandad my step dad and my mum in the past year and a half while dealing with my son having terminal illness who he is 3 years old


@Jon84 , there is no real way of knowing how to cope, I know I don’t. Over the last 30 years I’ve lost a whole generation, including my parents and all aunts and uncles (about 30 of them) , I grew up with them all being there for me. I am so sorry for your son, that must be hard. Take care and know that we are always here for you, this is a good place to visit and there are some fantastic and caring people on here, willing to share their experiences with these difficult times. John


Thank you some days i find it so hard to even talk to anyone about it

So sorry to hear this I can’t even imagine what you are going through and also with your son. We lost my 2 uncles and my aunt last year then I lost my mum suddenly at the end of December and thought was bad enough. It’s a really tough time and the grief is like nothing else experienced. Keep talking and posting on this page it’s helped me a lot.
Take care.
Valda xx

Just hate feeling down all the time and its effecting my day to day life and to be honest there are days were i feel i just want to end mine and i feel what have i done to desvere all this