people talk nonsense it dose.

Not get better with time.its been 13 month’s
And I am having the worst time of my life .
Everything I try to do reminds me of my wife
And it’s getting harder every time …
I see her face everyday and everywhere I go I wish she was there with me .
Nothing has any injoymeant any more
I just want to hide I’m a dark room .
And make the pain go away .


Fred, thanks for sharing how you feel. I know many of us feel the same way and if we had a darkened room where the pain went away we would all be in there. When we love our special person, as much has we have, I am afraid it’s the price we pay and it hard and hurts.
There are certain places I know I will never see again because it would just break me to pieces and I am further down this lone road of grief.
Like many, I feel that one day I will join him and find happiness again until then I just have to learn to live with it and without him by my side. It’s the hardest thing todo. Look after yourself and take care, we are always here for you. S xx


Dear Fred, you have my deepest condolences. I feel totally the same about my wonderful wife who I lost two years ago. It hasn’t got any easier and I feel as you do.
I can’t do anything productive and find life such an uphill struggle as you clearly do too, I’m so sorry for your loss and pain.
One thing I’ve come across is “Complicated Grief” which was addressed in a Radio 4 programme a year ago. I’ve written to Prof Kathy Shear in the USA who has studied it for many years and has a programme to help those of us who just cannot find a place for our overwhelming grief, link here:,revolutionising%20our%20understanding%20of%20grief.

No idea if it will help, I’ve had no reply yet, but I want some way out of this nightmare as you say too. Otherwise, the rest of life is going to be pretty barren with the best (which is certainly true for me) assigned to the past.
All the best, Paul

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