I just dont understand people.

Maybe im not supposed to understand them.

I dont know if the world was like this before my husband died.

Maybe i just never noticed.

People dont seem that interested in other people’s lives.

Its all about them.

Anybody feel this way?


The grief caused by the loss of a spouse is the biggest secret in the world, no one can appreciate the heartbreak it causes until they experience it for themselves.
Out of all the couples in the world one person in each couple has to suffer this terrible thing that we are going through, the death of the only person on this earth who knows you better than you know yourself is life changing in the extreme and people have no understanding.
Sorry for your loss and the disgusting way the human race is treating you and the rest of us here.


Absolutely feel this. Since my husband got diagnosed there’s been a handful of friends that have helped but the rest have been bloody useless. It’s been a struggle dealing with his terminal cancer and having 2 boys (13 and 14) x