Pet grief


I’m just wondering if anyone has any experience with a pet grieving?

We lost our mum suddenly in February. My sister took on her dog which is a boxer dog. My sister also has a boxer dog and they get on well. Mums dog was used to peace and quiet and a structured routine. My sister also has 2 children so the house isn’t as quiet as she’s used to.

So 5 months later she’s started to get seemingly anxious at bedtime and it takes my sister a long time to settle her. She took her to the vet yesterday and he said about maybe a brain tumour! Which has freaked me out a lot as she’s all that’s left of mum and way too young! Could it be grief even after 5 months? It’s stressing my sister out and if I could I’d have the dog with me but I’m on my own with 2 children and work full time (will be going back to full time at the end of the month)

I’m just wondering if anyone has experienced anything like this as I don’t want to lose her and mum would be so upset to see her like this.

Thanks in advance,

Nic x

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Dear @nicnic

I am so sorry to hear of hear of the loss of your mum.

Pets can grieve just like us but every pet acts in a different way. Their behaviour and temperament can change to what is was originally.

There is useful information by VCA Animal Hospitals on Help Your Grieving Pet that talks about Why do Pets Grieve. The article would be worth reading.

I would book another appointment with the Vets and discuss this matter with the Consultant. I do hope the dog does not have a Brain Tumour and that she is only going through the process of pet grief.

Take care.