Pet loss

I feel a bit silly for even posting after reading some of your problems but I’m at a loss at where to turn. My family has just lossed our pet rabbit and myself and my youngest daughter are struggling. We only had her for 2 years and in that time she connected all of us. I am broken! I know it sounds stupid but my entire daily routine was based around her! She helped me through some difficult periods just by always showing me so much love. I now feel so lost and empty.


You’re not silly Lfchill29, pets are very important to us offering their unconditional love and companionship.
Your rabbit was a much loved part of your family so please feel welcome to express your feelings here. I imagine it’s very difficult to see your daughter grieving too.
You will find many more people here who have lost their beloved pets, I have very bittersweet memories of pets that we have loved and lost.
Be gentle with yourself.

Thank you for replying. Just to know someone is listening is a great comfort. It’s extremely difficult to see my daughter grieving. We are comforting each other as much as we can. Thank you.

My first bunny was a German lop called Bartleby and I strongly believe he was my familiar and is still with me and when he died it broke my heart x it’s nearly 14 years ago since I lost him and I still miss him and with every rabbit I’ve had since they become part your family and losing them is just so painful.
She was more than a rabbit…she was a big part of your life and family so it’s not silly to miss and grieve their loss and because your children are missing her too it will make it somehow more difficult as you need to help them down this path too.

Having a wee funeral for her won’t make the hurt go away quickly but it may help x

Suzanne x

Thank you Suzanne. We only lost her Monday and I’m still finding myself going to prepare her food at feeding time and going to see her when I get in from work and up from bed. I’m constantly looking through pictures and videos of her and it’s hurting.

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And it will for a wee while so don’t expect too much from yourself x
I still have the photos of my boy on the fridge so it will stop hurting but missing may continue for a while yet x

Enjoy your videos and photos :green_heart: x

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