Pet loss

Just need someone to understand and speak to me

I understand. I have had three dogs and was deeply affected when they died as they were so loved.
What has happened to you?

I have also lost a pet and it was devastating to me. Just being with him always made me feel better. It’s been three years but I find life so difficult without him. Though I feel blessed to have had him in my life, the joy he gave me I try to hold that in my heart when things are bad.

Tell me about your pet please.

My cat was 7 years old and was diagnosed with a mammory tumour. We took her for a biopsy and the vets found fluid build up on her lungs. She was given days so we took her home for palliative care with strong pain killers. She passed quietly and in my arms.

I’m sorry for your loss and at such a young age for a cat. Your loss is very raw just now. Over the years , I have gradually thought less about all the diagnoses, treatments and how it ended, and more about all the nice times we had and the things he liked to do, the funny moments and how much we loved each other. I still miss him immensely though, I’d give anything to have him back.

It’s honestly the worst feeling, we’ve lost pets before but like parents pets, it’s very different when it is your own pet you loose who you’ve fed every day and see everyday. I have this pain in my chest like heartbreak pain, it’s awful

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We took her to the vets the first time just to get this lump looked at before we knew what it was and they poked her with needles to send off with tests that was over a week ago, and then from there she just got worse

So very sorry.

I truly understand xx