@PeterL Dear Peter I am so sorry to have to send you a message like this but I know you can’t pick up private messages. I am leaving this forum after a few days of very nasty and unpleasant comments. I can not deal with these people anymore and find them very unkind whilst pretending to care. I have never suffered fools gladly! I have become very fond of you and you are a true gentleman just like my John. I sincerely hope you are OK and Flora is doing well. Take care from the lass x

Thank you Johnswife. Sorry you are leaving, I am very grateful for the advice you have passed on. I am not doing well , the pain of missing Gill is grinding me and down and down. Flora is trying to help, bless her, Best wishes, Peter.

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John’s Wife.Please don’t leave. I am sure no one has meant to hurt you intentionally. We are all in the throes of grief and maybe some of us are unable to Express ourselves as well as others. I have seen a few accusations on here about posters being unsympathetic but I can honestly say I have never seen anything that has been written without empathy.This forum has helped me to cope with my grief better than anything else has and I think you need to stay with us either to give advice or listen to it. Please re-consider staying. I always read your posts and find them most helpful. Night and god bless.xx

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I agree with the rest please reconsider. I am sure no one has meant to upset you. We are all like swans calm on the top but feet flapping underneath trying to stay afloat.
Even if you don’t post, stay with us and try and get some comfort. We don’t want you to cope with the loss of your beloved Johnson your own. Message anyone of us.
Shona x

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