Pets after loss

Three years ago past April we lost our beautiful daughter to cancer, six months after our daughter cancer took my mum too. I have been on antidepressants since. In January the following year we bought a dog. She is the only reason I get up in the morning , she cuddles me when I need it, I now can’t imagine life without her. I looked into a therapy dog but the cost was too much. Just a little after 2 years of mum passing my brother took his life but my faithful little pug is gradually pulling me through. I’m not saying it works for everyone but I know for me she is the reason I’m here today. I can even sleep her snoring is so relaxing …no really it wakes me when she is quiet. For some people dog walking for people can help too as getting out is good they are also great listeners. xx


Chele I so agree with you, I did have a dog when my husband died, but before he died, he told me to get another one as he didn’t want me to be without a dog, if anything happened to the first one, they are the reason I get up in the morning, I can’t sleep unless I have at least one of them on the bed, they mean everything to me, take care Jude x

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I,d never have a dog because we were always at work or out day trips, out with our boys , so always felt it wouldnt be fair on the dog xxx but I cant sleep , cant get out of bed in a morning x I get our boys up for school ,x make sure there out of the house Then I go back to bed to cuddle Dave’s pillow , BUT tomorrow we rescue a 2 yr old called Molly and I cant wait to take her on the same walks and trips we did as a FAMILY xx

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Hi @Chele,

Ditto. I have a family of 3 lurchers who have pulled me through with their antics, licks, and unbounded love.

I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Christie xxx

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Hi chele. How right you are my dogs 4 border collies have kept me going since peter died . I get up take them on walks say hello to other dog walkers come rain or shine . When I cry they come and give me kisses and unconditional love I couldn’t go on without them. My children want me to re home some of them because I have cmt and do find it painful walking but it would break my heart to,lose them I have lost enough already. X

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