I must say my dog is my absolute comfort. She gives me such gentle, unending love. I do not think I would ever have made it through without her warm constant company. She understands me totally.

The trouble is that she is getting old now too I know that’s yet another terrible blow to come one day.

Dogs, cats and other pets are essential to human well-being, in my view. They simply love you.


@Rachel50 hi Rachel I totally agree with you. My dog and my cats give me so much love and comfort. I wouldn’t be here without them. My dog will be 14 in September and I too worry as I know she is getting on in years and my cats will be 5 next month. They are such a blessing and the only reason there is still love in my life. How old is your dog? And what breed is she? Take care I wish you all the best. Love and hugs casey xxx


Hi Rachel
Couldn’t agree more, our pets literally keep us alive during grief. We never come home to an empty house, which is the dread of many people. We come home to oodles of love. Walking my dogs keeps me fit and gives me a social life with the other dog walkers. Walkies time is a pleasure.


Hi @Rachel50

I totally agree with you. Pets are essential in helping heal some of the broken pieces.

I lost my Dad 19 weeks ago today very suddenly after a fall where he hit his head. My whole world crumbled and my heart was smashed into a million pieces.
But just before Easter my Mum bought me a puppy and she has been my absolute saviour. She is a complete pickle but makes me smile every day.

Today was a really bad day for me and she realised that…she kept coming for cuddles and kept bringing me the ball to play with her. She just knows when I need some extra TLC!

Give your dog a hug from me and take care of yourself!



Totally agree with you. Our pets are so important.
My cat is 10 she is always there to meet me when I come home even if she’s been fast asleep upstairs.
Sits on my knee wanting cuddles and is always on my bed asleep beside me at night. I try not to think about her not being here.
Thank goodness for our lovely pets xx

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That’s it, they know our moods. They feel real empathy for us and try to help.

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I agree totally. What would we so without them.
I have 2 dogs, one of which is a pup, along wirh other
ferries. She has joined my family at the beginning if my grief .
She senses when I am upset and follows me. Appears when I cry and barks to me. And cuddles. Both dogs are therapy. All animals are aernt they.

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