Phone calls

I miss my mother in laws phone calls all the time now she’s only been gone a month

Hi Jane456, I think when you have regular contact with somebody, and it suddenly stops, it’s one of the hardest things to get used to, I used to either see or speak to my Mum every day and it took me a long time to get used to her not being there, even now I still have times when I think, I would love to speak to her and discuss whatever is bothering me, unfortunately it’s something we just have to get used to, sending love Jude x

I have so much to say on this but firstly I am sorry for your loss. I was a caregiver for a friend for over 11 years and for the first few years I went over 3 days a week but made him call everyday at 8am and 5pm after he had a stroke. Last year was a bad year at the beginning of the pandemic I had to go to his house twice a day. He ended up having issues with health and died in January. I miss his calls too. I also lost my wife in March suddenly and unexpectedly and miss her calls and texts also, not as much as I miss her in person.

Try and find a relative of the loved one u have lost and and call them instead or get them to call u once a week it may help

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