Hi everyone I was looking in a drawer that I haven’t looked in since my wife passed away and I came across some photo’s our time when we had a caravan on a park be Ripon it was behind a pub which had music on most weekends and fancy dress we had some great weekends I’d forgot how Julie (my wife) looked before the cancer took over we were happy but the i!llness dragged us down you without noticing it they were really happy days I now wish I hadn’t found the photos I’ve gone backwards all I have left is memory’s

When you have lost someone so close the happy memories always become the saddest…

Hi John, Keep the photo’s, you don’t need to look at them now. I wanted to get rid of everything I had because it reminded me of my wife. I didn’t and now I’m glad as they (and the photo’s I have of her) are all I have left of 45 years together. It will never get better - it just gets easier to cope.

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