Physical Pain

I lost my husband to a heart attack in August. I have been getting a lot of physical pain especially a tight feeling in my chest has anyone experienced this as it makes me panic.

Hello Annie. I too lost my Husband to a Heart Attack through Heart Failure in October 6th. Yes, I have a constant tightness in my chest, like a heavy weight crushing my airways or if I am lied flat it feels like someone is sat on my chest. It feels like I cannot shift it and this in turn causes a panic surge sensation. Please mention it to a Dr if you are concerned. Regards

Hi Annie and Tina,

Yes, one of the more unexpected things about grief is that it can have physical effects as well as emotional ones. You might find it helpful to check out this recent conversation where people talked about the physical effects of grief and how they cope with them:

Have you considered whether these symptoms could be a panic attack? Here is some information from Mind on panic attack symptoms

No Panic also has advice and resources on panic attacks.

As Tina says, it is a good idea to talk to your GP about these symptoms, too.

Dear Tina,

Thank you for answering me at least I know that you have experienced the same thing. I saw a doctor who said my BP and oxygen/blood flow were fine but I stilll get panicky. I am hoping to join a yoga and meditation class in January. It would have been my husbands birthday today and that has made me tense. I have kept busy all day but am starting to feel rough now.


At least that is one worry off your mind. It’s understandable your Husbands birthday would have been having a huge impact on you emotionally, physically and subconsciously. I have not experienced by husbands birthday yet but I can certainly appreciate what you mean when you say you are feeling rough. Hope you get by as best you can for the rest of evening. Kind regards.

Dear Tina,

Thanks for the post. At least the whold day wasnt awful. What are you doing at Christmas?


Hello Annie. Dennis and me were not really lovers of the holiday season so I won’t really miss anything in that sense. I will be with Mum and brother at their house. New Years Day will be hard as that is when Dennis had his massive heart attack that was to be the start of him ultimately having to physically ‘leave me’ just a day after my birthday on 6th October. I will just try to get through the holidays however I can. Are you going to family during the holidays? Take care and hope you have an ok day.

Dear Tina,

We were not really into Christmas either. I will be at my daughter and son in laws. It will be nice to see my Grandsons opening their presents. You have had a very rough time of it and message me on New Years day if it helps. I will be able to go to my room if I need to as I can,t seem to cope with lots of people around me even if they are family. I expect you feel the same. Any anniversary is hard but you will get through it, I think we have more strength than we realise.

Message me when you want to. Take care


Many thanks for comments Annie.

Hi Annie,Sorry to read about your loss.My wife passed away on 18 th October due to a heart attack.When I wake up my stomach churns like an anxiety feeling so like yourself with tight feeling in the chest it comes out in different ways.With me it was such a sudden passing probably like your husband its a big shock to the system.Really hope things improve for you Steve