Physical symptoms of grief?

Hey everyone, I am just wondering if what I’m feeling is normal I guess.

It’s been 7 months since my Mum gained her angel wings and whilst I’m obviously going through a lot of mental pain, I’ve noticed that my physical health is deteriorating and I’m only 32 almost 33.

I feel extremely fatigued/drained although I seem to sleep okay. But sometimes I do tend to sleep too much. Prehaps I sleep to escape the harsh reality of my loss :woman_shrugging:

My muscles ache all the time. Feels like I have the flu at times. I have a stiff neck, my shoulders and back hurt constantly. Sometimes my chest feels heavy and tight to.

I have waves of neusea from time to time and just genuinely feel like absolute rubbish.

As soon as I get up most mornings I end up with a massive anxiety attack. I have always suffered anxiety but not to this extent!

I am starting to worry there’s something wrong with my health. I’ve never been 100% but for the past few months I’ve felt worse than I ever have.

I don’t really hear much about the physical symptoms of grieving so I’m keen to see what others can say about this topic.

Honestly I feel absolutely awful like the emotional pain isn’t enough to deal with.

I know it probably sounds dramatic but sometimes I feel like I’m dying from bereavement.

I do find myself being stressed at minor things as well, like I’m always on edge.

I keep thinking about what the point of all this is. Wish it would make sense x

It must be so hard for you, I know exactly what you mean by not wanting to be here but not suicidal as I feel exactly the same!

The world we are living in is definitely no fun and it’s only getting worse.

I feel like I’m existing and not living these days.


The mind and body are connected and the body is feeling the effects of the physical trauma on a big scale by the sounds of it. Try and invest time in your wellbeing, both mind and body. Are you having counselling? Some things don’t cost money, getting out in nature, allowing yourself to enjoy things like music, hobbies, hot baths! It’s so important to have away from the grief and look after you :heart:

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I went counselling 8 weeks after she passed but I feel it didn’t really do much for me as I have other issues going on so really it just brought them to the surface.

I have been told that it can be too soon for bereavement counselling as you need time to process it so prehaps I’ll try again sometime.

I have just finished work and I am going to have a nice long soak in the bath and put a face mask on as I think I need to take some time for myself.

Thank you for your reply x


I have panic attacks and sometimes feel like I can’t breathe. To top it off I also get vertigo. I have not been able to really sleep so exhaustion is a big problem. I am having a quiet day today just trying to get my head around everything but it seems really hard at the moment. Love to you all out there going through this. Xx❤️