Physical symptoms of grief

I am just wondering if it’s normal to feel poorly with grief.

Since I lost my beautiful Mum in March this year I’ve felt absolutely awful health wise.

The only way I can describe it is that it feels kind of like flu. All my muscles ache and I feel totally zapped of all energy.

I also wake every morning with anxiety even before remembering the harsh reality I now live!

I’m 33 and honestly feel like it’s aging me, anyone else feel this way?


Hi @Jess1
Thank you for sharing. Yes, what you’re experiencing is totally normal. Your physical symptoms are a manifestation of what you’re feeling internally and maybe even suppressing. Everything we hold on to manifests in the physical. Give yourself time to process, and grief, and then let go. This is something I’m still learning to do nearly 8 months after the sudden passing of my dad. I find when I suppress or avoid feeling my grief because it’s too intense and I just want to focus of other things, I get headaches, and my sinuses get all messed up and my body aches - it’s only once I cry and let it all out, that almost immediately, I feel better. You know the saying? The body keeps the score… it’s like that.

I understand the pain, be gentle with yourself during this time and give yourself the space and time to feel what needs to be felt xx


I feel the same, @Jess1. So ill with grief. I was so ill with stress for 5 weeks while Mum was in hospital too, also feel like it’s aged me and I’ve come out the other side of her loss a different, much bleaker, more anxious person. I know that’s understandable but I didn’t realise the pain of losing someone you love so much could make you so physically ill. Here if you ever need to talk x


Thank you @ExperiencingLife and @Woo4 I guess I was wondering if it was normal. But my goodness I do feel rotten.

These dark days aren’t helping either, I’m finding it so hard to get out of bed, I wish I could just hibernate and hide away. I think I could actually sleep forever to be honest.

I’m just so drained and I’m wondering if I’ll ever feel normal again. Something inside me died the day my mum passed!


You’re not alone in that feeling :cry: It’s awful x

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How you’re feeling is totally normal. I felt the same after my dads death, it was awful. I swear, I could’ve died with him the way I felt. It takes time though! Even last night, and this week has been quite challenging for me. I’ve been slower to get out of my bed, and haven’t been going out as much. Feeling a little bit drained too! Realise, maybe it’s the grief because unlike most things, it doesn’t subside, and I’ll have to learn to live with it.

Sending you lots and lots of love @Jess1 :heart:

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