Physical symptoms of loss

Tell me I’m not alone. 3 weeks ago I lost my dad. From the day he felt I learned that your heart can actually physically ache - heartache is really a thing. Also the painful aching lump in my throat is still there and is only relieved slightly through crying. Nobody actually told me that my body would physically hurt so much.

Hi Gayle you are not alone, from the moment my hubby went into hospital I developed a pain in my chest (mostly when he was the most stressed and I was keeping a stiff upper lip) this has continued thru the grieving process it is getting less and less (I got checked out), get checked just to be safe. I have developed joint pains since he passed again getting less as I move forward, my brain seem to get fuggy after he died, so yes pain can manifest into physical symptoms.

No Gayle, you are not alone by any means. It’s anxiety. Anxiety almost inevitably follows loss. We become anxious over little things, and big things like the future, so our bodies respond by transferring the pain from the mind to the body. It’s a kind of referred pain.
It’s ok. Give it time.
The lump in the throat is also a classic anxiety symptom. If any of this really bothers you see your GP, if you have not already done so. They can give you the reassurance about your health that no one else can.
Anxiety can play all sorts of strange tricks, so don’t be bluffed into believing you are physically ill. If your GP tells you that you are ok physically, believe them.
I had no end of physical symptoms at first, all of which turned out to be anxiety.
Take care.

Thank you both. The painful feeling in my throat is really bad today and all I want to do is go home and jump under the duvet. I guessed as much that the physical pain I’m experiencing is just a part of the process. It’s really reassuring to come here and I know I’m not alone x