physical symptoms

does anyone ever get overwhelmed getting by in life without loved ones?
translating into physical symptoms?

after several years, I still feel so longingly for my parents cannot sleep and feel very stressed out and heart thumping.

I sold their house and now all I want is to go back to a house and neighborhood I did not like …
it is a painful lesson, not enough valuing what you had and in a flash, it is gone.

anyway just very stressed out right now … cannot stand that they are not here and it has been five years, already.

I am also alone. I thought my family would want me, my relatives, but they did not.


Hi Berit, I’m sorry about your loss and yes I do get overwhelmed without my son being in my life. Yes I have physical symptoms sometimes such as anxiety and my body sometimes feels like it’s caring a heavy load, and it feels like my heart is broken. Talking and replying on here has helped me with my grief I hope it does the same thing for you.


Hi, the answer for most of us is a big yes but that’s being honest and we hid what is really happening in our private life. Take care and most of all be kind to yourself. S xx

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Hi berit I lost my husband a year ago and I’m alway feeling ill so much heart racing light headed I feel I live in a bubble with so much anxiety x sorry for your loss Yvonne


Hi @berit my dad died two years ago and yes I get overwhelmed and have some physical symptoms sometimes.
Sometimes my chest feels very tight and I feel panicky and anxious. Have had a few panic attacks. It is really hard isn’t it? Thinking of you x


I should not be surprised. so much pain naturally manifests in the body.

best wishes to all …

@berit hi. I don’t have time to reply properly but I am suffering terrible physical grief symptoms and this is now into year 2 since losing mum. I’m trying to look after myself physically but I am very shaky every day. This feels like a vibrating mobile phone inside me so I can’t actually ignore it. The gp has referred me to the menopause Clinic because she suspects some hormonal disfunctiion. Who knows? I just want to wake up feeling ready to face another day tbh. I hope you feel a bit better today x

My husband died 15 months ago, since the first anniversary I’ve had covid then one illness after another. I think everything hits you when you are your most lowest. X

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thanks to all who reply. I am on here regularly. I send sympathies out …

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