I got sent pictures of your funeral today oh my god I so wasn’t ready for that I can’t stop myself from looking at your coffin I can’t stop myself from crying I’m so empty and lost babe I hate my life now it has no meaning without you pauline why were you taken from me I don’t understand you were such a kind gentle soul i want to be with you so desperately I love you my beautiful darling and I always will you are my heart :heart: baby xxxxx


it’s heartbreaking isn’t it?
In my wife’s funeral I was told to select a portrait of her by the funeral home staff. I picked a picture I took for her. I am a photography hobbyist I took that picture with my vintage portrait lens. She was having a cup of coffee in a cafe. In recent years I am off on Thursdays so I may spend more time with her. That was a picture taken on one of those Thursdays. We so enjoyed the company of one another. Looking at those pictures broke my heart. Just don’t know how things can be as terrible as it is.
Take care my friend. I can see how much you loved Pauline. I loved by Ella so much too. The price of love is pain…

@luckystarhongkong thankyou I am so deeply sorry you lost Ella and yes it is so painfull but I wouldn’t give up a second of the time we had together as I’m sure you wouldn’t either but we have felt true love and for that and the years we had together I’m truly grateful I believe our loved ones are in heaven and one day we will be with them again stay safe and take care

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Yes that true love we had… even though I’m in hell I don’t regret that I’ve loved her with all my heart. Life is worthless if one can’t find true love.

@luckystarhongkong you are right its a living hell without them and true love is so precious and our love for them will always last and live in our hearts and so will they take care friend x

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