Please Don't Cry (Poem by Joe Green)

Solace feels so far from our grasp when we lose a loved one. We wish we could hear from that person once again. It was that person we ran to for help when our world felt out of control. But where do we turn when they are no longer here? We hope this poem provides a little bit of comfort -

Please, don’t cry.
I’m not really gone.
When you look out the window,
I’ll be standing on the lawn.

Please, don’t cry.
I’ll see you again.
Don’t be sad;
Keep up your chin.

Please, don’t cry.
I’m not really dead.
When you cry yourself to sleep,
I’ll be by your bed.

Please, don’t cry.
Just because we had to part,
As long as you remember me,
I’ll live in your heart.

Please, don’t cry.
I’m not gone forever.
I’ll be a cool and gentle breeze
In hot summer weather.

Please, don’t cry.
Don’t run and hide.
When you need a shoulder to lean on,
I’ll be by your side.

Please, don’t cry.
When you’re sad and weak,
I’ll be there
To kiss you on the cheek.

Please, don’t cry.
This is just a goodbye.
So please, oh please,
Baby, do not cry.


Why can i not get passed seeing my husband dying


O gosh I know . BUT you will . It takes time for the good memories to overcome those sad dying days . I am 2 years and 3 months down the road and yes I still remember that very sad day when hubby died but more often now I can look at photos and talk about the good times . Take care and one day at a time :two_hearts::two_hearts:

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Thank you thought i was getting there then it hit me time at 3am that i could not see the way again, even the counsouler from cruse didnt think that after 3 sessions i needed any more as i coping wonderfully and doing every thing right family and friends say the same decided yesterday to go to the coast on the bus as i dont drive, but all i could think of was how much he would have loved that first real trip out after the winter and lock down

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Of course those sort of trips are always hard but good for you to get out and about ! Well done . Small steps but NOTHING will stop you missing your hubby . He will be part of you as long as you live . Acceptance of your situation WILL come in time :pray:x

Very much like us we met in the 1960s married 1971 , thank you for reminding me of that memory

That is so beautiful lv annie x

It will do lonely good memories always think of them met my husband 1975 a can remember everything lv annie x

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Hello Sad2
Thank you for another lovely poem. Alan would be so proud of all the beautiful poems you’ve found.
Thinking of you.
Amy x

Hi Amy
Thank you for your much appreciated kind words and thoughts.
I’m glad to share the poems, and hope that the words bring some comfort.
I still send Alan a poem every day to his e-mail.
Take care.
Joan xx

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This is just beautiful. Its a great pity l cant print it out, one night I’ll sit and write it out.
Thank you for sharing this.

Your most welcome Babs55.
Take care x

I can’t get past that , I wish I could have happy memories x

Oh I absolutely agree I can only see my husband dying and dead his death was peaceful but we were married for 40 years I want to remember him as vibrant and alive it’s 6 weeks ago please take care