Please help

Is it normal to feel like I’m loosing my mind… almost like I’m living in a dream

Yes it is normal I felt that is was all a bad dream and i was going to wake up and it didn’t really happen.


Hello Zan,

It is perfectly normal to feel as you do. I have experienced a whole range of feelings, have been very low, crying, had feelings of unreality, and grieved for the loss of my future. I have been angry with my husband and the world at large, had some times when I have felt optimistic and cheerful, believed I will never recover, and felt the spark of life that tells me that I will. And all this in just 7 months! What I have found a great help has been to just let things be and my grief run its course. I just take each day as it comes, and deal with things as best I can. It is a very hard, painful and lonely journey, but it does ease slowly over time. Keep in touch and we will all support you. Take care, Jayne xxx

Hello Christine, I am sorry for your loss. My daily life just feels so weird I never thought grief could make you feel like this x

Jayne, I am so sorry for your loss
Thank you for your kind words, when you have lost some thing so precious it makes you wonder how cruel life actually is
I have never suffered such a big loss so these feelings I get scare me
It’s like I’m living in a dream… it comes over me like a dark cloud
Almost like I’m floating or watching my like out of body
It’s just reassuring knowing that this is all normal
X x

I still think, right enough is enough time you came back and things went back to being normal again. I know it’s stupid, but everything seems so unreal. I lost my lovely daughter in law in May this year, 14 weeks after diagnosis. My grief is relentless, but watching my son and his two daughters grieving makes it 100 times worse.